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Biggs Nolan industrial development co., LTD£¬Registration was established2015Monthly£¬The registered capital1Hundred million£¬Company headquartered in xiamen xiang 'an residents avenue6633¡¢6635¡¢6637Number¡£Currently in xiamen, the Amoy area century center26Building set up operations center£¬Is e-commerce operations¡¢The mobile end mall operations¡¢Offline entity comprehensive enterprise management innovation¡£

Biggs Nolan industrial development co., LTD and owns independent brand¡°BISINUOLANBiggs Nolan¡±£¬Since the product contains the brand¡°Skin care¡¢Colour makeup¡¢Clothing¡¢Silver¡¢Snacks¡¢Cosmetic¡±Six major categories£¬Covers basic women all daily consumption¡£

2017Years£¬Biggs Nolan launched brigitte selected industrial development co., LTDAPP£¬Make women social electric business platform£¬To social electricity field one of the few large supply chain system¡¢Self-built logistics system a global scale£¬Four square meters warehouse base configuration£¬At the same time in order to improve the standardization of operation and management mode¡¢The brand idea of innovation and sharing spirit attracted tens of millions of millions of users¡£

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Activating this series

Biggs Nolan activating this moisturizing milk£¬With water embellish lightsome texture£¬Exquisite and deep penetration£¬A is closed£¬Apex of science and technology of water-soluble new ceramide£¬Overall control and repair the dermis£¬Balance oil and water balance£¬Stay away from the oily skin feeling£¬Add multiple natural plant extracts£¬Active cell metabolism£¬Let skin from the inside out£¬Persistent reveal bright ze£¬Recovery stretch muscles¡£

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Jing is colourful red

Red is the life¡¢Vitality¡¢Health¡¢Enthusiasm¡¢Spark¡¢A symbol of joy¡£Because the red waves are the longest in the visible spectrum£¬So the most eye-catching£¬Give people a feeling of impending feeling and expansion on the vision£¬Easy to cause excitement¡¢Excited¡¢Tension¡£

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French leisure

French dressing rules can be summed up as such a few words£ºFor your man to dress£¨Not for other women£©£¬Dressed like a ¡°The middle class¡±£¬And don't buy anything too fashionable dress¡£ However, those we try to follow the fashion girls¡ªYou know£¬Those who have a seemingly casual£¬But it is taken care longhair£¬And charming posture of women smoking¡ªAlways wear them¡£

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Winter sonata

There are four seasons in a year£¬Each season has different view¡£In the winter£¬People like snowing came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm£¬To the world of fairy tale of a glittering and translucent get rid of¡£Everything is in filtration everything in the sublimation£¬Look at a white world£¬Soul purification£¬Become pure and good¡£

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Biggs NolanAPPChief executive Chen Ping on mangoTV

The mobile Internet era£¬Good product and entrepreneurs support mode£¬Drive the progress and development of industry£»A good brand idea promote the brand influence£¬For industry professionals with the era's best business direction and opportunity£¬Biggs NolanAPPChief executive Chen Ping also wish mango at the scene of the tapingT...

7Won Oscar design masters to the perfume industry£¡

Marc RosenIt is so unique£¬A creative and professional dreamers£¬To push the boundaries of the so-called good design£¬Never retreat¡£¡± Perfume foundation chairmanRochelle BloomÈç´ËÆÀ¼ÛµÀ¡£Marc RosenIn luxury¡¢Makeup......